Montana Farm and Ranch Hunter Access Appreciation Sweepstakes

As most Montana hunters know, Block Management Access (BMA) is a cooperative effort between farmers, ranchers, and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) that provides public hunting opportunity on private lands. Landowners receive some compensation for allowing access through Block Management, but it’s small thanks for the generosity they’ve shown by opening their lands. To further return the favor, FWP holds annual BMA appreciation banquets where participants get a great meal and opportunity to win door prizes.

This year, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership is teaming up with MeatEater and other partners to crank the door prize dial to 11—and we need your help. When you enter the Montana Farm and Ranch Hunter Access Appreciation Sweepstakes with your voluntary donation, you’re doing way more than getting a chance to win great stuff. You’re supplying serious farm and ranch swag to thank the agricultural producers who so generously let us hunt their ground. We’re talking everything from gate closers and mineral tubs to calf shelters and gift certificates to Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply. So show your gratitude and help support Block Management Access by entering our sweepstakes today!

ENTER BY August 1, 2021 at midnight ET.  Donation is not required to enter or win. See Official Rules for details and how to enter without making a donation.

Suggested Donations*

Suggested donation amounts are for $5 for 1 entry, $4 for 10-24 entries, and $3 for 25+ entries. Limit of 500 entries per person, regardless of entry method. Select from the dropdown menus below to determine how many entires you'd like to put towards each prize.