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Stop the sell-off of our public lands

Sign our petition to stop the sell-off of our public land. Take Action » twitter-20x20.png   FaceBook-20x20.png


Sportsmen, speak out for sage grouse

Some in Congress are trying to force through legislation that would block or delay conservation and management efforts that are needed right now. Make your voice heard to help save this iconic bird and our hunting traditions.Take Action » twitter-20x20.png   FaceBook-20x20.png


Sportsmen need healthy flowing streams

Sportsmen and women, like you, can help restore river and stream levels by urging the Bureau of Reclamation to alter the Sustain and Manage America’s Resources for Tomorrow (WaterSMART) program to incentivize projects that improve river flows and fish habitat.

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Sportsmen: Oppose the sale of our national forests

Rep. Don Young of Alaska has introduced a toxic bill that would dismantle America’s public lands legacy. Take Action » twitter-20x20.png   FaceBook-20x20.png

Speak up for Wyoming's Backcountry Conservation Areas

Make your voice heard today to secure the future of some of our greatest hunting opportunities in soutwest Wyoming.Take Action » twitter-20x20.png   FaceBook-20x20.png


Sportsmen supporting Nevada's best BLM habitats

Most Nevada hunters have not informed the BLM of the need to conserve these quality hunting areas through the agency's land-use planning process. This is your chance to speak up!Take Action » twitter-20x20.png   FaceBook-20x20.png


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