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Improve Public Lands Management - BLM "Planning 2.0"
Planning 2.0 is our opportunity to create a BLM planning approach that directly benefits Western hunters and anglers, and fish and wildlife populations, along with the billions of dollars of annual economic boost provided by public land recreationists.
Stand with Sportsmen for Clean Water
Sportsmen must speak up for strong, science-based protections for waters upon which America's hunters and anglers rely.
Sportsmen Comments on Upper Snake RMP
The Bureau of Land Management oversees 1.8 million acres of public lands on the BLM Upper Snake, and the agency is currently developing a plan that will guide the stewardship of these lands for the next two to three decades.
Sustain the future of the American sportsmen: Fully fund LWCF!
Sportsmen and -women understand that the LWCF is essential to the future of hunting and fishing in the U.S. Speak up in support of the LWCF.

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